GlamFace 3D Free/Professional Version

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To try GlamFace 3D free version, you need the iPhone X (or above) and downloaded it from Apple Store. Glamorfy also design the professional version for plastic surgeon. Pro vesion has more powerful functions and work with ASUS 3D Face Scanner which provide more detail resolution than iPhone X/iPadPro true depth sensor.

AR Facial Simulation x FaceDiary

2018-11-14 | Professional Cosmetic Surgery iOS App –“FaceDiary” Free Download

ASUS Glamorfy has developed a 3D facial simulation iOS app “FaceDiary”, together with MediCloud Biotech and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chiu. With the iPhone AR Kit function, users can scan and create 3D facial model individually with a smartphone, recording as well as simulating the 3D facial shape for the comparison of pre and post medical plastic treatment effects.

AR Dentistry X QuicSmile

2017-10-28│ Official launched at TA3DD Congress 2017


a dental AR simulator to enable dentists to build effective communication and trust. Patients can clearly understand and customize their teeth style before the cosmetic dental treatment.

AR Real-Time Makeup Simulation

2016-11-24│ ASUS Glamorfy x Watsons Taiwan - AR Makeup Kiosk「Style Me」

On Nov. 2016,Watsons Taiwan announced a real-time virtual makeup simulator「Style Me」, developed by  ASUS Glamorfy team at Zhongxiao Sogo store. Users just click the kiosk buttons and then finish the favorite makeup style and color in seconds. Glamorfy AR makeup solution can optimize the shopping experience!

AR Contact Lens Virtual Try-on

2016-1​0-20│ ASUS Glamorfy x PegaVision

​ASUS Glamorfy pupil tracking algorithm is implemented for AR contact lens simulation. Now app can be supported on iOS/ Windows platform.

Shoe 3D Scanning & AR Virtual Try-on

2017-05-30│ First Released at InnoVEX 2017

ASUS Glamorfy AR  assembly tracking and virtual simulation for industry 4.0; AR virtual shoe trying-on system can provide a quick solution of customized 3D foot scanning/shoes selection/online shopping.

3D Facial Meaurement & Glasses AR Virtual Wearing

2017-04-07│ Invited by TCA, ASUS Glamorfy x Kobayashi Glasses/ Colima Optical CO. at Spring Computer Show 2017

Fast 3D facial scanning tech with face width/ eye distance measurement & AR glasses virtual wearing is convenient for glasses online selling or indoor kiosk display.

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