iPhone X Series Will Benefit Cosmetic Surgery Lovers
Professional Cosmetic Surgery iOS App –“FaceDiary” Free Download

This autumn, Apple announced a whole new generation of X series smartphones- iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR, arousing great attention and excitement from Apple fans. Meanwhile, the new release of a 3D camera feature expands Apple’s application to the medical plastic surgery market. ASUS Glamorfy has developed a 3D facial simulation iOS app “FaceDiary”, together with MediCloud Biotech and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chiu. With the iPhone AR Kit function, users can scan and create 3D facial model individually with a smartphone, recording as well as simulating the 3D facial shape for the comparison of pre and post medical plastic treatment effects.


Explore the whole new features of FaceDiary:

* Fast scanning: a 3D record can be created on any iPhone X series with a 3D camera

* Facial analysis: suggested perfect facial proportions can be clearly revealed

* Face off: Friends enjoy the special effect of faceoff and share it on social networks


Dr. Chiu, the facial plastic surgeon of the Medical Beauty Center and Department of ORL-Head and Neck Surgery of Shin Kong Memorial Hospital, indicated that in the past the medical cosmetic consultation was limited to 2D photos using Photoshop to show the facial post-surgical effect. It provided insufficient information that led to incorrect evaluations. Although some medical plastic surgery clinics have introduced a stereoscopic 3D scanner, the equipment occupies a lot of space and can only be used in physical visits to the doctor. If patients can know what they will look like simply through an AR simulation app, they can not only bridge a communication gap but build up a trust for the cosmetic medicine team.


FaceDiary app encompasses different interesting features from 3D facial scanning, modelling, golden ration face analysis, daily recording and social network sharing. Friends can enjoy the app together and swap each other’s nose for fun. Everyone might expect to have a movie star’s charming nose or eyes, but it is not necessarily suitable for his/her face. Through the app function of swapping facial features, patients can see their post-surgical appearance.


In the future, ASUS Glamorfy will continually collaborate with medical teams and release other professional AR products that extend to applications in 3D facial or dental fields.


For more information, please visit FaceDiary website: https://facediary.medicloud.com.tw/