GlamFace 3D App - Privacy Policy

First Edition: May 28, 2019

GlamFace 3D is a free iOS application service is only available on those equipped with 3D depth sensor (3D True Depth Sensor) Apple devices. This service is currently provided free, we respect and are committed to protecting your privacy and is committed to follow with regard to protecting your personal privacy and security of personal information relevant statutory requirements.

If someone decided to use this service, the user of this website to inform us about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information policy.

If you choose to use this service, you agree to the collection and use of information related to this policy. Personal information we collect to provide and improve services. Except as described in the Privacy Policy, we will not use or share your information with anyone.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions have the same meaning, unless otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, or GlamFace 3D can use this clause.


GlamFace 3D collect information content

When you use our services, we may need to collect some of your data (hereinafter referred to as "data") when using or interacting with our services; we may ask you to provide the following information:

(1) Your face 3D mesh data. We use the API provided by Apple ARKit: ARFaceTrackingConfiguration(), ARSCNFaceGeometry() and ARFaceAnchor() to gather such information.

(2) Your face photo files 2D material. We need to use face photo files 2D material, combined with face 3D mesh data, showing your face in order to complete the 3D model.

(3) Your registered account. This registered account is your usual software community account (such as FaceBook, LINE, or WeChat, etc.). If you do not need GlamFace 3D information provided by sharing protection, it does not provide registered account.

The information we requested (1) and (2) only remain on your Apple device, and will not be collected or recorded in any way to other devices or storage devices. Information (3) will be saved to GlamFace 3D web server, as the use of personal data protection.

When you unregister or remove GlamFace 3D , we will remove your any personal data which stored in the GlamFace 3D web server.


GlamFace 3D how to use the information

We will collect information for the following purposes:

• We use your face 3D mesh data and photo files face 2D material to produce a complete 3D face model.

• Your registered account is used to manage, you take the initiative to share 3D face model file out. When you share information with iOS Social API to a friend, when you want to go back to delete the file, you delete requirements made available to registered account server. Friends end GlamFace 3D before opening the file, the server will first query access to the file. If your authority has been set for deletion, the program will delete the file, to protect your personal information.


Data retention

We will be completed within the period of this policy the purpose of use necessary to keep your information unless necessary to have laws to allow or during longer be retained. You can also through and we propose to remove the demand for GlamFace 3D collected your data.


We disclose your data objects

Apart from the case of any of the following applies, GlamFace 3D will not be collected from the information you have to expose to other third parties:


Your permission

We will post your consent, to start GlamFace 3D reveal other third parties other than to share your information.



We may have to collect information from your summary and go through the recognition of having become irreversible after statistics revealed beginning to our partners, such as to provide you with ads that match your personal preference marketing and promotional content of partners.


Service provider

We will also present within the range of policies mentioned purposes, your data will be collected from self-revelations, shared with our service providers, for example, help us send marketing materials, provide support services delivery payments you purchase equipment and processing service providers. Within these service providers are to follow our instructions mentioned in this policy purposes range from using the information you have collected, we will ensure that it does comply with this policy and so on.


For purposes of legal protection or

If any of the following legal requirements or to follow the case when preservation purposes, we will expose and share the information you collected from the self to a third party:

• There are laws to comply with the requirements, the competent authority or judicial authorities of, or request for the preservation of law, defense or to prevent fraud or other wrongful act when necessary investigation.

• Within the scope permitted by law for the protection of GlamFace 3D , our service providers, users or the public as the rights, property and safety will not be compromised upon.


Cross-border transmission

You understand and agree that when you use this service or will provide to our affiliates when the data from all of your collected from various countries will be possible in our position at your profile, among service providers to cross-border transport, storage and handling use. On cross-border transmission from the above data that you have collected in, storage and handling are using the behavior will follow this policy and the privacy and security of personal information related to national statutory requirements.


Log Data

Log data may contain information such as Internet Protocol devices ( "IP") address, device name, operating system or application configuration and other information. Our service does not generate any log or collect data on your device.


Cookies and similar technologies

Cookie is a file with a small amount of data, often using anonymous unique identifier. This information is sent from the sites you visit to your browser and stored in the internal storage device.

In our service, we use the following ad Cookies:

• Google Ad Mob


Third-party links and services

Our service may contain links to third party websites. Please note, GlamFace 3D does the security of these third party sites, responsible for the privacy practices or the content. We encourage you to learn when to leave our service, and carefully read the privacy statements of these third party sites. This Privacy Policy applies only to GlamFace 3D service.


This security service

While this service does not collect or record your information, but we will try to protect users from unauthorized access or unauthorized alterations, disclosure or destruction of information we hold.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change. Without your express consent, we will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy. We will post any privacy policy changes on this page, if there are significant changes, we will provide a more prominent notice (for example, certain service's privacy policy change email notification). We also previous versions of this privacy policy is to retain on file for your review.