AR medical/dental simulation
ASUS Glamorfy AR dental simulator(QuicSmile) was officially announced in Taiwan Academy of 3D digital Dentistry (TA3DD) at the end of 2017. This solution can help build an effective communication platform for dentists and patients to discuss teeth whitening/alignment treatments. Currently, our team is working with facial plastic surgeons. A whole new medical AR simulator is open for FREE downloading in the future.

QuicSmile Key Points:

  • Automatic facial recognition and detection

  • Teeth whitening & alignment simulation

  • Digital dentistry platform for developing your personalized smile style

FREE AR teeth simulation is FREE now on ios platform (iPhone X only):
It’s convenient to experience the AR teeth whitening/alignment effect by adjusting 4 parameters: 3D dentition colour pattern, teeth size scaling, up-down and left-right movements. By using this function, an effective communication platform will be built for both dentists and patients.
AR teeth.jpg